General Food Rules


The postoperative period (15 days of liquid food) past we could propose the following template:

Ideal is to get closer to a vegetarian diet, by varying many types of food both for pleasure but also for different nutrients they provide. Regularity of meals is very important: taking 3 meals per day and if necessary a “snack” at 11am and 5pm, in order to avoid hunger before the next meal.

Avoid all kinds of sugar: sugar, cakes, candies, jams… (To be replaced by synthetic sugar) except before a major physical effort where slow sugars (pasta, rice) find their place.

Avoid animal fats: cold meats, butter, milk, cheese, yogurt (to be replaced by very light products or by vegetable oils for cooking) in limiting to 1 dairy product per day. Whole milk, creams, ice and especially cheese are extremely rich in unsaturated fats and calories.

It must be known that even the more fatty fish contains fewer « bad fat » than the less fatty meat; therefore, grilled fish with lemon or a court-bouillon with condiments should be focused.

It is important to chew very well, drink liquids (2 liters per day: water, tea, herbal teas) only between meals, stop eating immediately before feeling full, to vary food, to avoid soft bubble drinks and regular consumption of alcohol.

Becoming its own « Chief » is a long-term investment, essential both for the pleasure of food and to combat overweight.

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